Posted by: Phil | May 27, 2012

A most curious spider.

This picture was taken in early May. I was on the way out of the garden, when I stopped at looked at my feet. I do that sometimes. suddenly, just as I was walking some steps that were made out of rocky material I saw a spider. I decided to investigate this matter. It was a small spider, seemingly on patrol. Then, out of nowhere, another spider appeared. A curious dance then  ensued between them. Probably a mating ritual. And there I was with my camera. One spider stuck a leg out to feel the other one, and the other one retreated. This went on for…minutes. I did not bother trying my video on them as it was simply too slow and boring. And then, one of the spiders spotted the intruder with one big eye, me. I approached as much as I could, lowering my tripod to really zero in on that spider. It was eye to eyes, first one to blink is out. I did not blink, but neither did the spider. It approached me, lifting its hairy legs repeatedly. I pulled back even if I knew it was not a jumping spider. Finally, after several minutes of eyeballing, I called it quits. I had my shot.



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