Posted by: Phil | March 11, 2012

Movie review: John Carter

I was very eager to see John Carter, the new movie on a character based on books written by Edgar Rice Burroughs, better known for his series of books on Tarzan. I never did like Tarzan but I did like his books on John Carter. I saw this movie in Imax as well as in 3D, and I must say that the special effects were spectacular.

To summarize, John Carter is an army Confederate soldier who is teleported to Mars, called Barsoom in the novels. There he meets very tall green giants who are witness to a civil war between two cities, one who is on the good side and of course, the other one is more evil. Carter wants to go back home but is forced to choose sides, finally coming to the rescue of the good guys from the city of Helium. He rescues the princess and then marries her. He then abruptly is teleported back to earth against his wishes.

I liked the movie and at  times it reminded me of Lord of the rings. The special effects were very good. But, I can say that understanding the movie was easy for me as I had read the first three novels out of the eleven(!) written by  Burroughs. For those who had not read the books, it must have been a tough slog understanding what was going on. The producers did try to explain some of the elements in the plot but I had the feeling that the movie did not have flow, it should have been longer to accommodate the necessary explanations that would have helped the comprehension of the story.  Perhaps only thirty minutes more would have cleared any confusion that can be found in the movie. There was some humor but on the whole, the movie really delves on action and scenes of war and desolation. Anybody who wants the full rich picture of barsoom should read the first novel by Burroughs. I can only give the movie only 3 out of 5. The lead actor is a Canadian that I did not know and the  American female lead was also unknown to me but had played in another movie based on some Marvel comics. I will post on Dropbox the first novel, “A Princess of Mars” for those who want to pursue this. Copy and post:






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