Posted by: Phil | February 24, 2012

The pine grosbeak.

It was very cold on Sunday, the fifth of February when I took this picture. At -16 degrees celsius, it was the coldest for me this year. At least it was sunny with very little wind. I still was surprised to see a photographer with all his gear arriving in the park. Runners were doing their thing but very few walkers were present. It was only at the third feeding stations that I noticed all those birds eating seeds from the feeders. This particular bird was more plentiful than others. It had that greenish tint to it and had a bill that was conical and stubby. It was the pine grosbeak, the largest of the northern finches. This bird can be found throughout Canada and some states in the United States. Its habitat is mainly coniferous forests.

Canon XTI, Canon zoom lens 75-300mm, iso200, f/10, 1/800sec.





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