Posted by: Phil | February 17, 2012

The fox, the squirrel and me.

This series of pictures were taken last month, early January. I have decided to take more pictures in the winter and I was rewarded for my decision by seeing a red fox. More than that, I was able to approach it and follow it closely for several hours. I could see why it is described as intelligent and cunning. It would go from feeding stations for birds to other feeding stations because it knew that squirrels would congregate there, eating the seeds that were on the ground. On that day, it got its dinner, a squirrel. And I was there to take pictures of it, a mere few feet away.

Canon XTI, Canon zoom lens 75-300mm, iso 200, f/7.1, 1/400sec.


Canon XTI, Canon zoom lens 75-300mm, iso 200, f/9.0, 1/640sec.


With this post, I have decided to introduce something new for people reading this blog, an epub file. A lot of people have e-readers today, including myself. So for those interested in having the whole story of the fox and the squirrel, you can get this epub file at Dropbox.  Here is the link;

Simply copy and paste in your browser, the file will appear, download it to your computer. You can also read it on your computer if you use a free software called Caliber. This software can make it easy for you to handle your various books and it includes a viewer so my small ebook can be read directly in there. Here is the link for this free software;





  1. Beautiful pictures!!

    • Thanks Jerry, but try the epub link, the story is interesting behind the pictures!

  2. Love the photographs! Thanks for sharing,


    • Thanks Nate, check out the long version in epub of the post!

  3. Good shot!

    • Thanks! Check the long version in epub.

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