Posted by: Phil | December 11, 2011

A juvenile dragonfly!

Once again a picture that comes from early September, when the heat was still present. I was walking along the various trails in the garden, when I stopped near a central area where a small wooded area exists. As I was looking at a series of rocks in the middle of an opening in the area i saw something fly very low to the ground and stop on the rock. I looked but it was hard to make out. I knew it was an insect that could fly but what it was I had no idea. Quickly I decided to hand hold the camera and shoot. As I got closer i realized that those big bulging eyes were a dead give-away; it was a young dragonfly. It stayed there for a few seconds and that was enough for me.

Canon XTI, Sigma macro lens 150mm, iso800, f/6.3, 1/1000sec.




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