Posted by: Phil | September 25, 2011

A very common bird.

I usually do not photograph birds, mostly because the 150mm macro lens is not suitable for bird photograph. Unless of course you can approach the bird so that it really fills your screen and the bird is a big enough bird to warrant that. In the case of this picture, I was walking in the area where corn was grown and all sorts of animals where eating the corn, from squirrels to birds. I approached the area cautiously. I could see birds eating some seeds on the ground as well as hanging on tall stems and eating seeds still on the plants. I saw immediately that the birds were nothing special, as they were house sparrows. These birds are very common in our cities. All the house sparrows descend from one of pair of birds that were released in the wild back in the 1840’s, in New York city.

I still took pictures as I was able to really approach the birds quite closely. The birds were eating grapes and were pretty much oblivious to me, as long as I went at it slowly.

Canon XTI, Sigma macro lens 150mm, iso800, f/8.0, 1/1250, handheld.




  1. Ah, even a house sparrow is special. 😉 I love that he’s looking at you. 🙂 Thanks for sharing the photo!

    • Thanks for liking my picture!

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