Posted by: Phil | July 31, 2011

Where is my dinner?

This picture was taken in mid-June. I was carefully walking among rows of flowers, peeking inside to see if anything moved about when suddenly mu eye caught sight of this spider. It was not big, about the size of a quarter. It seemed to have adopted a defensive posture. I was unable to use my tripod as it would not go directly overhead where the spider had been hiding so I took the camera and took pictures handheld, making sure to shoot at a high-speed, iso800.

Canon XTI, Sigma macro lens 150mm, iso800, f/22, 1/500sec.




  1. I love macro shots! But I hate bugs! Nonetheless, this is a great shot.Bugs are some of the coolest subjects to photograph, in my opinion, because thet are so tiny that zwe tend to overlook them the smaller they are. Anyhow, great photo!

    If you find a moment, please visit my photoblog at the link provided below. I am fairly new to photography and any advice would go a long way. Thanks!

    • Jerry, a lot of people hate bugs, but they are amazing to photograph!

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