Posted by: Phil | March 27, 2011

The warrior emperor and China’s terracotta army in Montreal!

I had the pleasure of visiting the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts on Saturday, attracted like others to the new exhibit that concerned pieces from the terracotta Chinese army. More than 240 artifacts are presented but the major pieces are ten big terracotta sculptures representing soldiers as well as horses and acrobats.

I must say that I was quite impressed by the way everything was presented to the visiting public. One first enters the rooms to see many small artifacts, from jewellery to everyday items. As one travels through the various rooms bigger and bigger items are presented to you. Finally, at last, the ten major pieces appear. I especially liked the horse and the soldier. The realism of the pieces is simply breathtaking. The museum did a fine job of presenting the pieces, using special lights as well as mirrors to seemingly multiply the pieces.

There is a vast amount of information presented to the public, perhaps too much. Sometimes less is better. I made the mistake of not taking the audio guide, thinking that I could easily read the various bits of information located near the pieces but it was not so easy.Too many people clogging the various items made my effort futile. Had I gone two hours later perhaps the circulation around the pieces would have been better.

I went from room to room, being ever surprised at the various pieces. Perhaps I will go again at a later date,  once the crowds have diminished. In short, I do recommend seeing this unique exhibition.



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