Posted by: Phil | March 20, 2011


It was a beautiful sunny day and I thought that a walk in the botanical garden was perfect. I did not know what to expect except that on such a sunny day the garden would be run over by people, and it was. Throngs of people were walking the main roads inside the park so I decided as soon as I could do travel along the lesser paths that were open. Mind you, I knew that I was taking the hard roads as snow was on the ground but some people had walked over it making it passable for me.

As I was walking I was noticing that a lot of trees had around them a circle free of snow, as if it had melted in a purposeful way. I stopped and inspected the trees and then, as I was looking down I saw a tree stump that looked strange as it had something on it. On closer look I saw that it was a mushroom that was growing on top of the stump. It was strange as it had some green lichens on top as well. Perhaps the lichens were growing on top of the mushroom as they may have been in a symbiotic relationship.

Sony W-1, iso100.




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