Posted by: Phil | March 13, 2011

Movie review; Battle: L.A

I was very interested in seeing this movie, in part due to the numerous previews that appeared on television. I thought that the idea of soldiers doing battle with aliens from outside earth had been done before but that perhaps this movie would offer something new. I was not disappointed.

The premise is simple; under the disguise of a shower of meteorites aliens descend upon the planet to colonize it. More precisely they seem to be after our water. The movie follows one war theatre, that of the west coast and more pointedly that of L.A.  Aliens land on the beaches and we get to follow a bunch of soldiers with a mission; to go to a nearby police station and retrieve civilians that are pinned there by aliens.

I like the premise of following a bunch of characters for most of the movie and seeing whether the mission will be fulfilled. Of course it is not smooth sailing. The way the movie was filmed was interesting. It was filmed as if someone with the camera was right behind the soldiers. The first few action scenes were quite jerky but soon enough it was much better and easier to follow. I felt like one of them, on the hunt for aliens that would be lurking around.

The beginning was awfully slow and dragged on until the aliens arrive. A soft middle where the movie loses its punch was also present. But then, everything picks up to the final scenes. Of course, most of the plot was predictable, and a few of the speeches as well were quite sappy, dripping with patriotism. Nothing wrong of course, but too much is like not enough sometimes.

The main lead actor is Aaron Eckhart, a familiar face in some movies but the name is not well-known. The other main lead is Michelle Rodriguez, and she is well-known. Eckhart carries the movie on his shoulders, propelling it through the various battle scenes. As for Rodriguez, she has a small part in the movie and I felt that she was under utilized. I would have loved to see more of her.

The aliens are strange-looking but not that strange really. I was sort of disappointed when I saw them clearly after the smoke had cleared, so to speak. They looked somewhat like the ones in War of the world. The action scenes looked very realistic and often the action was gripping.

It is not a chick flick, for sure, but most guys would love the movie even if gory scenes are very minimal. I give this movie three stars out of five.


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