Posted by: Phil | September 29, 2010

At rest…

Sometimes Nature offers a free show, if one is patient and looks around carefully. It is never announced ahead of time as it is often a spontaneous performance, where the actors do not care if the spectators are there or not. Such was the case with this male spider. For a few minutes it had tried to mate with a female spider. It is a ballet; the male descending slowly towards the female, solidly attached with a spider line. It then extends one of tis leg slowly and then pulls back, inching towards her. She will often show her underside to the male, ready to copulate. The male will slowly advance and finally, will enter her quickly and then exit safely away from her, and rest. This is what happened to this male, as it was now resting after some hard, successful work…

Canon XTI, Sigma150mm macro, ISO400, F/5.6, 1/60sec.



  1. amazing shot, fantastic colour and detail. well done.

    • Hi Lee, and thanks for the compliments. Glad you enjoyed the picture.

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