Posted by: Phil | September 20, 2010

A new moth.

It was early Saturday morning, and the weather was on the cool side now: it must have been only +10 degrees at 08:00. I had just begun my photographic day at the garden. Suddenly, just as I was scanning the ground, I saw  an insect. The insect was hard to miss at it was orange and black, sitting on some white shrubs.

Canon XTI, 150 Sigma Macro lens, ISO100, F/2.8, 1/100sec.

I looked at it and began to take pictures. But because it was so low on the ground I had trouble getting some good shots. I wondered if it would fly away if I attempted to lift it up and deposit it on a higher shrub. I guessed that as it was not moving, perhaps the cold of the morning was paralyzing it.

I carefully took a leaf and placed it under the insect. Still no movement from it. I was then able to lay it on a higher shrub just opposite from where it had been. Now at least, I could examine it from every angle and could take many pictures of it.

It was probably a moth, as it had its wings underneath the body. It was strange to see the orange color and the more dark features of the eyes. A nice contrast.



  1. just want to say that I love your blog and following it carefully.

    • Thanks German!!

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