Posted by: Phil | September 15, 2010

The inquisitive spider…

Canon XT!, 150mm, ISO 200,  f/3.5, 1/250sec.

I was walking in the garden in an area called the shady area, where a lot of low-lying shrubs are located. It is a favourite area of mine as numerous spiders can be found as well as other insects. It was a sunny morning but as I had walked half-way through the area I had not seen anything worth spending time on, not even a bee was there. Suddenly, as I passed one of those big sprinklers in the area, I saw something small on top of the sprinkler’s head; it looked like a small jumping spider.

I had seen some of these spiders before but they are difficult to see as they are the size of a dime. In this case, the spider was exploring the small area of the top of the sprinkler. I noticed that it had a parachute line hanging from it’s behind. I put my finger towards it and immediately it advanced towards it and tried to grab it. I pulled back. It looked at me squarely and lifted its small arms called pedipalps. It seemed ready for a fight.

I tried to slightly push it around  and immediately it went off the sprinkler but as it had that safety line behind it and so it gently went back on. It was walking all over the head of the sprinkler and on its side.

As it was the size of a dime, taking a close-up picture was not easy as it was constantly on the move, but I was finally able to get the best picture possible, considering ts size.



  1. This is a great shot! Tough guy was he? Great post!

    • Thanks, and yes, a tough guy indeed!

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