Posted by: Phil | September 13, 2010

Birds in the early morning.

I usually do not post pictures of birds, as these are not the subjects that I focus on. I try to focus on doing macrophotography, bugs and flowers. I used to be fond of bird photography and started focusing on them when I began taking pictures ten years ago. However, due to the high cost of good fast long lens I had to abandon taking pictures up close of birds. But, if the opportunity arises that birds come to me and are close at hand, i will take pictures of them. And this is what happened.

Canon XTI, 150mm, ISO100, f/4.0, 1/320sec.

I was walking in an area where medium sized trees where, and where small berries were abundant. I had heard small birds now and then, but was not paying much attention. Then, as I was looking at smaller shrubs in front of me, looking for insects, several birds arrived and landed in a tree just in front. Now even if my 150mm is really for macro work, I knew that it would do the job in capturing an image of these birds. I took two pictures, and this one above was the best. I like the way the sunlight hits the bird.



  1. Nice job! I love that you didn’t limit yourself. Even though you were on a mission to shoot something else, look what you captured. Happens to me all the time.

    • Thank’s ! I knew that the picture would not be bad, but was unsure about how clear and precise it would come out.

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