Posted by: Phil | September 9, 2010

Here’s looking at you…

I was in an area of the garden where a small stream passes under your feet as one walks across the patch of land. Tress were in front of me while behind, sunflowers were plentiful. I was handholding my camera when suddenly I saw something slowly swim towards me; a turtle! I had seen turtles elsewhere in the garden but never in that part.

I rapidly positioned myself as I expected the turtle to perhaps lift its head to breath and sure enough, it did just that. I find the face of the turtle quite ugly, reminding me of a somewhat snobbish person, lifting its nose at you. Just as in the picture.

Canon xti,  iso400, 150mm, f/32, 1/250sec.



  1. Actually I find that the ugliness of the turtle makes it pretty. Similar to a pug. So darn ugly that it is cute. Don’t you think so? Again the saying comes true “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!” By the way, great shot!

    • I agree, there is something weird about the face of a turtle. There is something repulsive about it, but you cannot keep from looking at it. A lot like a car accident!

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