Posted by: Phil | September 5, 2010

Movie Review: Machete

This is a movie that really packs a punch; it is violent, bloody with full of action. A guy’s movie for sure. Do not bring grandma to that one, or she surely will have a heart attack,  either from the violence  or all the profanity that one can hear in the movie.

The movie is all about a federal agent from Mexico called Machete Cortez: his favourite weapon of choice is..the machete. He is led into a trap by other bad guys most notably a drug kingpin called Torrez, played by Steven Segal. I barely recognized him as he really took on a lot of weight. Machete is forced to work as a day labourer after the killings of his wife and daughter. The personal aide to a senator bribes him to kill the senator for 150,000 dollars. The senator is brilliantly played by Robert De Niro. Again, it is a set-up, with Machete as the fall guy. I do find him kind of dumb there.

Machete then tries to find out who framed him and tries to exert his vengeance on all those who conspired against him. Michelle Rodriguez plays a  woman who helps mexicans in an underground network. Don Johnson plays the role of a vigilante but I find him more or less believable. Lindsey Lohan plays the part of April, the daughter of the aide to the senator. I liked her acting, but it was too short. She does dress up as a nun and then takes a gun to mow down the opponents of Machete. Cheech Marin plays the role of the priest and brother of Machete, and what a priest he is! Good acting from him.

There is violence and a lot of good one liners, as when Machete tell the aide that he f…ked the wrong Mexican! Or when Machete’s friend at the beginning of the movie says that he will follow him, his boss, Machete replies that his only boss is this, and he raises his machete.

The crowd laughed at various times during the movie as some of the action was clearly over the top and very exaggerated. Danny Trejo as Machete is one mean and ugly dude, and I would not want to mess around with him. I liked a lot this movie and do recommend it to guys but women will dislike it. Most of the crowd I was with were 75% guys. I give this movie a 4 stars out of 5.


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