Posted by: Phil | September 1, 2010

Easter Island exhibition.

A fake head…..

Since early June there is a new exhibition at the museum of  Pointe-A-Calliere, in Montreal. It is all about Easter Island and its people. Well over two hundred pieces that were leased by several museums are on display.

I must say that such an exhibition is perfect for tourists visiting Montreal. I took in the exhibition on a Saturday, and by the afternoon there was such a line-up that people had to wait in line outside the area where the exhibition was.

The exhibition is held in a medium size room, with the artifacts put on display in a circular fashion. Yes, there are more than two hundred pieces, but a lot of them are rather small.. I would say that most pieces were of a medium height, with most of them of the wood statue variety. A few ceremonial paddles were shown but the famous heads were not on display as the Rapanui, the people of Easter Island declined to lend some of the statues to other museums and so none are here, a shame.

There is a documentary that is a small corridor beside the exhibition area, where only about 12 people can sit… A bad idea as it looked terribly amateurish to me. Better to have used up the space to show more artefacts.

I was most impressed by the two guides who talked about Easter Island, in English and French. They were patient and very knowledgable. Before going there I had done my homework; I had consulted Wikipedia about Easter Island so I knew what to expect. The wood statues were very impressive, well done. The myths of these people were quite fascinating.

Yet, after about one hour, and after going around the exhibition twice, I can only give it a 3 out of 5. I simply expected more. Just seeing a big picture of the giant heads just was not enough for me. I did continue my tour of the building by going downstairs and exploring the remnants of the first buildings of Montreal, again the guides made things interesting. Worth a visit. I have posted the link on the links page.


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