Posted by: Phil | August 8, 2010

Arcade Fire: They rule the musical world!

The new album by Arcade Fire is out, and it certainly is their best album so far, easily beating their previous effort called Neon Bible. The new album is called The Suburbs, and it is simply one of the best albums that I have ever heard. The band led by Wim Butler and Regine Chassagne hails from Montreal and as such deserves even more recognition for their efforts. The music of the band is best described as indie-rock.

I have listened to the album in its entirety for about 5 times and out of 16 songs on the cd, only a couple could be considered weak. My favourites are; Rococo, The Suburbs, and Half Light 1. The only thing that I would have wished were that the vocals of Regine Chassagne could have been stronger. They are overshadowed by the music at times, especially on Half Light 1.

The album is a joy to listen to, ranging from the catchy opening song, The Suburbs, to the strong rocker that is Month Of May and back to a good imitation of Neil Young on Wasted Hours.



  1. I’m obsessed with Arcade Fire. I loved Funeral, and I’m sure The Suburbs will be just as good, if not better.

    • Well then you will go crazy over The Suburbs! Thanks for your message.

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