Posted by: Phil | August 2, 2010

Movie Review: Salt.

That face, those eyes, and those pouty lips. Yes, they all belong to Angelina Jolie and she is back in a movie in wich she shines. Without her, this movie would simply not fly. She is the movie. Jolie plays a CIA agent named Evelyn Salt. One day, a Russian defector comes in the office and cooly announces that Salt is a Russian sleeper agent, sent to the U.S for a secret mission. The question is, is she or isn’t she a spy? After the Russian spy ring that was dismantled a few weeks ago in the U.S,  this movie at least on the face of it sounds plausible. However, the devil is in the details.

Of course, I will not answer my question so as to not spoil the plot. There are twists and turns and the ending is ingenious. But still, the movie has severe shortcomings; it is simply hard to believe that a Russian spy could reach the most secure areas of governments, kill several agents and still escape with barely a scratch. And since she is a women, it is even harder to believe that she can do all that she does. She is one tough cookie, but there are limits to what one can agree with. I read that Jolie trained for the part, doing most of the stunts herself. This is remarkable…and foolish as she could have sustained injuries in doing so. In fact, she did suffer a minor injury to the head.

Yes there are a lot of action scenes, but very little humor. None in fact. Those car chases are exciting. At one point, she  takes over a motorcycle and proceeds to drive it to attempt an escape. Through-out the movie I was in a state of conflict; do I root for her to succeed or not? Do I root for her to escape the CIA or not?  In the end, I liked the movie and do give it a 4 stars out of 5. For me, it was a better movie than Robin Hood. At least she does not act as if she were a piece of wood like Russell Crowe.



  1. Who cares about Salt???? Aren’t there any better movies out there? Sounds to me like she is the counter part of Vin Diesel in triple X.

    • No, there are not better action movies out there! And no, she is not the counter part of Vin Diesel: she would kick his ass!!

  2. I will likely rent the movie on illico when it comes out sounds like a movie to rent. Thanks for the review.

    • Do not rent it, see it on a big screen as it is quite worth it!

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