Posted by: Phil | July 7, 2010

Tripods: a review of the Manfrotto 190xprob.

In macro photography, tripods are important. They can make a good picture even better. But tripods, for the most part are heavy. Some tripods are made of carbon and are very light…and will lighten your pockets as well as they are expensive. Aluminum is more affordable but more heavy than the carbon tripods.

A tripod that can remove the center column and put it sideways is a necessity for good macro photography. Since  using my new tripod I have  noticed that more choices were offered to me about how take a better picture. This tripod, the 190xprob, has several good features. It has a level in the middle of the tripod so that you can be sure that your tripod is solidly centered. The bubble is easy to see and well placed. The clamps on the legs are not difficult to clamp and unclamp.

Since my previous tripod was more of the type that you turn the legs in or out, I still have to get used to the clamps. The ball  head that I bought was separate from the tripod, and it did cost some money but I love it.  There again, I had to get used to this as I had a tilt and pan model. Different type,  but after a few days I must say that I prefer the ball head model. I also bought a microplate for the tripod, that I have not used yet. This is a plate than can go on the ball head or not, you then screw  the camera on top of the plate. By advancing various levers one can advance the camera a few millimeters at a time, an essential tool if one desires perfection and a clear and precise picture, especially of flowers. All this did cost some money, but my new tripod with the proper ball head cost me about 280 dollars, well spent money as I can get more enjoyment from my photography.



  1. Thanks for the tip! Very good information.

    • My pleasure. A good tripod enhances the experience of doing photography, and a bad one seriously degrades it.

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