Posted by: Phil | June 24, 2010

Ready for the circus!

I knew where to find them. These juvenile flies can always be found on certain plants. Immediately I was able to find them and then, I was surprised by what I saw; not one or two but three of them having some fun!  It is the season for them.

This picture was taken with my new macro lens, the 150mm macro lense with an f-stop of 2.8, from Sigma. It was costly to acquire but necessary for me. When one adds to that a good macro tripod and a macro rail, great pictures are a certainty! I will give a proper review of this new lens in a few weeks, after I have taken more pictures with it.



  1. This is a great shot! Unique!

    • Thanks for the compliment, but I could do better as this was the first time that I was using my new 150mm macro lense. And now I have a brand new tripod as well as a macro rail, so watch out!

  2. great job right here, I like the sharpness of your shot. I would love to see some more damage you can do with your macro lens. 🙂 I am new to this medium so i am saving for a telephoto lens; anyways good job.

    • Thanks for the compliment. Much better pictures are to come!

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