Posted by: Phil | June 17, 2010

The dragonfly and the fox.

I was walking in the garden, slowly, when a loud buzz alerted me. As I was looking from where the sound came, I noticed on the ground a dragonfly. It was upside down and was furiously batting its wings. I knew that something was wrong. . I could see it was clinging to some grasses but was not making any effort to fly away.

I attempted to help it by putting in on a flower nearby, hoping as well that I could get a good head shot of it up close. It was still batting its wings but to no avail, as if it were too weak. I did notice that one of the wings was slightly damaged, sort of bent in. Maybe that was the reason why it could not fly. After a while as the dragonfly slid back down the flower and lay again among the grasses, I decided to turn away. It is then that I saw the fox, staring at me a mere  three or four feet away.

It had been attracted by the same buzzing sound as I, and wanted to investigate it but I could see that I was too close to the dragonfly. I retired slightly and the fox approached and began its investigation. After a few minutes it had managed to capture the insect, brought it out in the open where it promptly ate it. No dish is too small, especially if the price to capturing it is low.


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