Posted by: Phil | June 12, 2010

Movie review; Robin Hood.

David Appleby / Universal Pictures

I must admit that Russell Crowe is not my favourite actor. He is really our generation’s Clint Eastwood; he lacks emotion and finesse in his play. Kind of a wooden performance, slogging through it. I did not see much passion . Clint Eastwood acted in most of his movies in the same way as well. He is a sort of beefy Robin Hood, too muscular and not enough nimble and intelligent. Maybe Mel Gibson would have been better.But I suppose that one William Wallace would have been enough for him.

The pace of the movie is awkward, and I was forever expecting it to move forward but it constantly had stops in it. I think that there simply was too much singing and dancing. I nearly thought that it was a musical!

Cate Blanchett as Lady Marian offers a strong performance, but I seriously doubt that women in the 12th century would have taken the sword as she does at the end, looking a lot like Joan of Arc. Max Von Sydow as the father also is very strong. The weakest areas of the movie was certainly the band of men that support Robin, mainly Little John, and Friar Tuck. Their characters are simply not developed and so they lack depth.

Of course the war scenes are good, but that was to be expected. Perhaps a bit too much trashing in the water; I sometimes felt as if the director did not want us to see all of the action. So yes, there is blood, men are stricken by swords and by arrows. The usual.

I would not be surprise if the director Ridley Scott does a second Robin Hood, but this time, a movie centering on Hood against King John, the evil guy.  This prequel does seem to set this up, and if he does, I would probably enjoy it much more. Robin Hood gets a 3 out of 5 from me.



  1. Hey, Thanks for the review. My hubby really want to watch this movie but I’m not really into this type of movie.

    • Well, there is some romance in the movie, but not much….I found Cate Blanchett to be simply too tough for the role. A more pleasing face would have been better, like Jessica Simpson!

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