Posted by: Phil | June 7, 2010

The white moth.

I was on my way out of the garden, when suddenly it caught my eye; a rather elongated white thing stuck on a green leaf surrounded by other leaves. It was rather cool that morning and I assumed that whatever it was it was trying to soak up the sun’s rays. As I looked closer I began to see that it was a moth, and a white one at that. I had seen moths before, but never so white.  

I looked closer to see the eyes or head, but could see nothing. It is then that I realized that it had its mouth directly on the leaf. It probably was absorbing some juices from the leaf. I carefully tried to lift up the leaf so as to better see the moth, fearful that the critter would fly away. But it did no such thing. I was eventually able to take several good pictures of the face of the moth. The yellow and white on the front of the moth is something that I have never seen before.


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