Posted by: Phil | April 14, 2010

Grand theft robbery! And legal…..

Alright, I am outraged, and so are a lot of Canadians who happen to be photographers and who are avid consumers of photographic equipment. We have long been accustomed to paying more for our equipment, from lenses to cameras and software. Most experts have blamed this on the small market in Canada and/or on the lower Canadian dollar against the American dollar. But this has not been true for the past several weeks now as the Canadian dollar has achieved parity with the American dollar. One would assume that most stores would have begun to pass those savings on to the consumer. It seems that no, they intend to keep the difference for their pockets. Of course these same stores would argue that as the items were bought when the dollar was low they paid a lot more for them and so, they have to recoup their losses. But to the customer, that is irrelevant. What is relevant is the price that is asked to be paid by the store. And the price is not right.

This scenario has already occurred in the recent past, and sure enough, the stores were slow to pass those savings and were very quick to raise the prices once the dollar fell off from parity with the American dollar. I should point out that even if I am talking about photographic equipment, this analysis can be applied to other items. Canadians are being ripped off on many other goods. But Canadians are not stupid; some will vote with their feet and go to the American stores and buy their cheaper goods there, or will order through the internet. Eventually, this will force lower prices here too, but when?

To give an example, I would love to buy in the not too distant future the Sigma 150 mm macro lense. Here, at a couple of stores that I checked, it was worth  899.99, before taxes of course. In the U.S, it can be bought for 729.99, a difference of 170 dollars! I would not mind paying 50 dollars extra, but this is nonsense!

Surely some stores will see the benefit of being the first ones to lower their prices to reflect the current standing that exists between both currencies, and the sooner the better.

P.S As I am posting this, one store has brought down the price of the Sigma 150mm Macro from 899 to…849$. Wow, 50 dollars less. Simply not enough.


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