Posted by: Phil | March 30, 2010

The demise of the pro’s…

There is a great new article about the state of photography in The New York Times global edition. The article explains how in the past ten years those who made their living in taking pictures have suffered. Now, amateurs who post their pictures on Flickr or other such sites can sell their pictures at a very low price and so, undercutting all the pro’s. Add to that the recession and of course, the advent of digital photography and you have some pretty miserable photographers.

But of course, this is the golden age for amateurs. The playing field has been levelled. No need to now much about shutters and aperture, the camera takes care of all that. After reading the article, one wonders why someone would pay thousands of dollars to go to photography school to get a degree. The only way to go for a pro now is the internet; having a presence on the net, showing the pictures, finding a niche and exploiting it better than anyone else could.

Here is the link, copy and paste;


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