Posted by: Phil | March 17, 2010

New abstract art at the botanical garden! Bad idea…

As Spring has arrived early this year, and I was itching to take more pictures, I elected to visit the botanical garden. It is really the time of the year when one is anxious to see how much snow is left on the ground, and then to calculate when boots will not be necessary in order to walk through-out the myriad of  paths that the garden offers to its visitors. Like a well-behaved host, sometimes the garden offers surprises that sometimes delights and sometimes leaves the guest disgruntled. This guest was disgruntled by the surprise and would have wished never to have seen them.

Abstract art, to put it mildly, is really art  (is it really?) for which the viewer  developes its own interpretation of. It is really everything and anything to those viewing the art. In the case of abstract sculptures, it is really rocks or other materials assembled to have a semblance of structure but no obvious meaning. It could be partially abstract or totally or anything in between. And here are some examples.

What are these? Some might describe the first sculpture as the someone running away from something while the second one could be a small animal crouching. But these are my interpretations. In my opinion, they disfigure the garden by putting artificial structures in natural surroundings. It would have been far better if they would have put a realistic animal structure like a flock of ducks among the grass. Even better would have been nothing at all…



  1. I agree, I think this is a waste of space and money these aren’t natural and give a sore eye.

    • Thanks for your comments.

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