Posted by: Phil | February 25, 2010

Macro And Outdoor Photography Magazine

I have been a long time reader of Outdoor Photographer magazine for a long time, in fact since I begun taking pictures 10 years ago. I have been a subscriber for a few years now, and I think that for the articles and the how-to do things, it is superb. It shows you how to get the effects that you want to see or to avoid the pitfalls of other aspects of photography. In its latest issue it discusses something that has been at the forefront of photography, something called HDR. Basically, a process by which you can match what you see with what the sensor of the camera see.

I am more interested in macro photography and frankly, the magazine could do a better job there, more focus would be nice. I did a search in the articles they have on their web site and yes, there are more than 200. But of the few that I looked into, most were not specific enough and were oriented towards gadgets, such as the newest lens or the best lens for such areas. I have seen few cover stories on macro in their issues. Still a good magazine to look at.


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