Posted by: Phil | February 18, 2010

Thomas Hawk, Photographer.

Thomas Hawk is a photographer. His desire is to take one million pictures before he dies. His originality is that he freely gives all his pictures under what is called the Creative Commons license. This means that no permission is needed to use the pictures for personal use. I have taken a look at some of his pictures, and I am not impressed. I saw his pictures that he took of a town called Henderson. His pictures were only of neon signs, about motels signs and other commercial signs. I fail to see anything interesting there. Of course, some people might be interested by such pictures, but not me. There is no beauty there.

For me, it is more important to take 1000 excellent pictures that I am pround of in my life than to have one million of which few are very good. In other words, I prefer quality over quantity. But of course, everyone will have a different opinion on this…I have a link on his site.


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