Posted by: Phil | February 11, 2010

Culture, Money And Consumption.

I had wanted to buy tickets to a show, a show that will not last too long and for which the reviews were good. But when I took a look at the price structure, I realized that for most people, the prices would have been simply too high. A family of four would have payed well over 200 dollars, even with the rebates for the under 12 or 25 years old. Now for a single guy like me, I could afford this, even if it is somewhat pricey. It is the kind of show that is very visual as well as musical. But I balked at the price.

For an artist, creating a show and having it seen by the most amount of people is the desired result. And yes, the artist has to be able to live off his creations. Sadly, few artists are able to. But if you price yourself out of the market, by charging too high a price for your creations, only the wealthy few will see it and not the masses. Culture therefore becomes elitist. It is a fine line that separates the two.


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