Posted by: Phil | February 3, 2010

The World Is Flat; A Book Review.

I have just finished read “The World Is Flat”, by Tom Friedman. He also writes a column for The New York Times. This is a big thick book, coming in at well over 600 pages. Trying to summarize such a book in a few paragraphs is simply not possible. Suffice to say that he deals with how the world is a  smaller place than it used to be, and it is still getting smaller and, flatter. The book is divided into several chapters, that cover interactions between countries, to between corporations and between individuals. What I most liked about this book is the numerous examples that he supplies, which make you understand how this flattening of the world affects you, the individual.

Nearly anyone can get something out of this book, but not everyone will read this book, due to the subject matter. And yet, it talks about change, and that touches everyone since life is change. I must say that he has an American point of view and often discusses the shortcomings of the educational system in his country. He is at his best when he compares and contrasts different countries and how they differ.

In short, a good read, especially as it talks about the individual and change and how one can best prepare for it.


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