Posted by: Phil | January 28, 2010

Taxes and Culture…

It always amazes me to see the various governments tax culture. No, they are not just any products. They should not be treated as such.  They come from the imagination of man, and the best of them touch his soul . How many times has a person’s life been changed by reading a certain book or watching a certain movie? What is more amazing is how various jurisdictions tax cultural goods. Why is it that here, in Quebec, movie are taxed by both governments but not books? Why the difference? Finally at last, it seems that this government in Quebec  has understood; the government will stop taxing cultural goods within three years, according to various reports that were in the local media last week. And yet, several cultural organisms are against the idea, saying that a couple of dollars less here and there will do nothing to encourage people to see plays or buy books. Perhaps. But what is more important to me is the principle of not taxing culture.


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