Posted by: Phil | January 24, 2010

Movie Review: Avatar

I have finally seen this blockbuster movie called “Avatar”. For those who have not seen it, I will simply say that it involves the rape and plunder of a moon called Pandora by humans, and the moral conflicts that it provokes in one human being.

The movie visually is breathtaking, the moon Pandora is of incredible beauty. The 3D effects were really incredible, but I was hoping for more . The natural world of Pandora was well done, very colorful. At more than two hours, this movie is long and loses steam somewhere in the middle, but it then picks up again in the final battle between the indigenous people called the Na’Vis and the humans. At times, I found myself asking, “On what side am I?.

Yes, a lot of the story is predictable, and the switching of sides by the hero is also very predictable, especially when love is involved. And yet, I found the movie very moving. There is dancing and singing by the natives that somewhat reminds me of…the Lion King., that Disney movie! Yes, slightly cheesy.

Despite this , and because the natural world of Pandora was well fleshed out, I firmly give the movie 3 1/2 stars out of  5.



  1. I really enjoyed this movie! Normally, I don’t like sitting in the theater for such a long time, but it really didn’t even feel like it. The movie was extremely good 🙂

    • I would not say that this movie was extremely good, but good. And yes, the time did fly quickly! Thanks for your comment.

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