Posted by: Phil | January 17, 2010

The Net And Collectivism…

Read an article on the net and how it is changing, and how some people do not like this trend. In this article, the author describes the new book by scientist and artist Jaron Lanier, called, “You Are Not A Gadget”. In it, Lanier laments on how the net glorifies the so called “wisdom of the crowds’, best exemplified by Wikipedia and others. All this at the expense of the individual according to him. It is the idea that the collective is the repository of the truth,  and that the individual knows nothing. In effect, he is saying that as we congregate in entities such as Facebook and Wikipedia, the voice of the indvidual is muffled. He is especially concerned about the idea that what artists produce should be free on the net.

I tend to agree with him, that by not paying fair value to our creators, expecting all for free, we will kill the golden goose. How will an artist survive, if not by the selling of his art? And yet, I do like the idea that the net should be mostly free…The article can be read here:        Copy and paste in your browser.


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