Posted by: Phil | January 11, 2010

Shanghai Expo 2010

The Shanghai Expostion will be opening in May of this year, and what caught my eye are the various designs of the pavillions, and how creative some of them are. Unfortunately, I do not believe that the Canadian pavillion, designed by none other than the Cirque Du Soleil, is really a beautifull design. You can see for yourself. I do like a lot the Danish pavillion as well as the United Arab Emirates pavillion.I have added a link to the ShanghaiThe pavillion of Canada Expo for those wo want to see more of the designs. The Canadian entry seems very abstract, with no real shape to it. Hopefully once built it will look better than it looks now in this image. As for the Danish entry and the United Arab Emirates, I like them because of their similarity to structures in the natural world. The Danish entry looks a lot like a coiled snake or the shell of a mollusk. The UAE entry looks like a creature from the sea perhaps. At least both seem to want to imitate the natural world. Very nice!


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