Posted by: Phil | January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hello, and welcome to the New Year. My name is Phil and this is the first time that I officially blog. About me; I love the arts, and more specifically the visual arts. As the header shows on my blog, I concentrate mainly on what interests me; photography, movies and painting. Of the three, I only practice photography,but I probably will later on dabble in movie making and videos. Painting is for the future for now.

The objective of this blog on the visual arts is to showcase and promote them, in all ways that I can. My focus will be on my hometown, Montreal. But I do intend to comment on any world events related to art. I love beauty, in all its forms. Other areas of the arts that I like and will discuss are architecture as well as music of course.

I will include some documents on the arts in general and how one defines the arts. Pictures will also be uploaded that show beauty in the arts as well as in nature, and I intend that most of these pictures will have been taken by me for the most part. My plan is to blog at first only twice a week and then later  I will update several times per week.

I plan to comment and to visit anything related to the arts that are of interest to me or that might be useful to others. For example, I will review movies or exhibitions.


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